peptides in Tacoma

Sick of taking so many supplements?

Consider using peptides instead.

Peptides are protein fragments your body uses to keep your health in check.

Depending on the peptide, you may be able to take them orally, inject them subcutaneously or apply them topically to boost energy, improve the immune system, repair injuries, enhance your metabolism, fix leaky gut, restore hair growth and more.

Peptides can be combined to create custom formulas to address your unique conditions.

Because peptides are part of your body’s signaling mechanisms, peptides can be more effective to target your concerns than supplements.

Here are a few of Dr. Krause’s favorite peptides:

– BPC 157 – repairs sprains, strains, tears, tendonitis and leaky gut.

– Epitalon – boosts immunity, boosts energy by fighting mitochondrial fatigue, counters the effects of stress on the body

– Thymosin alpha 1 – boosts immunity, restores hormone balance, lowers antibodies to the thyroid, helps fight fatigue, can fight off viral infections

– Thymosin beta 4 – enhances healing after an acute injury to the body’s tissues or brain, fights fatigue, beneficial for neuropathy

– CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin – stimulates natural human growth hormone production to enhance weight loss, improve sleep and cognitive function while increasing strength

– MOTS-c – increases cellular energy and metabolism, effective for weight loss

Interested in trying out peptides for your health concerns? 

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