Dr. Jannine Krause N.D. & EAMP



Pain Management That Addresses The Whole Body

There are a lot of choices for acupuncture in Tacoma, Washington.

Dr. Jannine Krause’s approach is unique in that she’s a doctor and an acupuncturist.

Acupuncture with Dr. Krause include a combination of the following as she loves to combine multiple services to enhance your results.

Whether you are training for a sporting event, want to improve your health or prevent injuries Dr. Krause is able to help.

How well you age is based on how well your body performs.

At Q – the main focus is to improve you’re body’s performance from the inside out so you can reach optimal health.

Your body is similar to a car in that you need regular maintenance check ups and adjustments as you get older to keep you performing well.

As a Champion Performance Specialist, Dr. Krause focuses on 4 goals that propel you toward optimal health and performance.

The Four Goals of Body Performance Optimization:

RESTORE – your body after a period of inactivity, injury or illness

OPTIMIZE – identify your metabolic and strength imbalances, movement compensations and poor movement patters

ENHANCE – unleash the potential in your body for strength, power, agility, mobility and metabolic processes

MAINTAIN – identify and train you to create routines that help you manage stress effectively, while maintaining your mobility, strength, nutrition and total body performance.

Addressing those 4 Goals Requires an Assessment of 7 Key Physical Components:

POSTURE – the way you hold your body in space dictates your movement patterns that may be setting you up for injuries or the source of your pain

MUSCLE IMBALANCES – can be created due to your posture, your daily habits, your job and the sports you play or types of activities you engage in and also set you up for injuries and can be the source of your pain

MOBILITY – how well you perform the 9 functional movements and how well the joints that carry out those movements move is key to overall health and longevity.

BALANCE – how is your balance?  Being able to balance on one leg or perform movements on an unstable surface is crucial for preventing injuries and improving ligament/tendon/muscle to brain communication.

NUTRITION – How nourished are you?  Is your gut functioning optimally?  Are you absorbing the nutrients you need for optimal body performance or are you overloading your gut with toxic foods and drinks that are aging you quickly?

METABOLISM – Do you have enough energy to get through the day?  Are you carrying extra weight?  Are your hormones in balance?

STRESS MANAGEMENT – Are you sleeping?  Are you having fun and happy with your life?  Are you setting time aside for play and relaxation? Are you getting enough restful sleep? Do you have lifestyle routines that suit you?

A First Visit to See Dr. Krause Includes the Following:

1) A functional movement assessment looking at how well you do these 9 moves:

– hinge

– squat

– forward lunge

– lateral lunge

– step down

– overhead reach

– push

– pull

2) Further assessment of any joint that is not moving well based on inability to perform any of the 9 movements

3) Strength and Muscle Imbalances related to inability to perform any of the 9 movmements or related to your pain

4) Assessment of nutrition, vitamin, mineral, gut microbiome, hormone, and metabolism imbalances

5) Comprehensive treatment plan that includes nutrition, resetting of imbalances, home exercises to strengthen brain to muscle/tendon/ligament communication

insertion of hair thin needles to traditional acupuncture points, trigger or motor points of muscles based on the regions of pain & areas to be treated

combined with Dr. Krause’s functional movement assessment and optimal body performance protocols

Electro-stim Acupuncture
addition of a tens unit device to acupuncture needles to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms, restore function to damaged nerves from bell’s palsy, post stroke paralysis, post surgical numbness/paralysis and neuropathy conditions

the use of glass cups to create suction that relieves muscle tension, spasms and knots

Gua sha
the use of a jade tool to increase blood flow to the tissue surface to break up scar tissue, adhesions and knots in the muscles

Trigger point injections
injection of lidocaine combined with a homeopathic formulas Traumeel or Spascupreel to relieve muscle spasms, knots or the addition of B12 to relieve numbness

Peptide Injections

injection of BPC-157 (Body Protective Complex 157) to sprains, strains, tears, or areas affected by tendonitis

injection of Thymosin B4 to upregulate the body’s innate acute injury treatment process

injection of Thymosin Alpha 1 to fight acute viral infections